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The Lancashire Film Institute welcomes comments and queries about film in Lancashire but regrets that, due to the largely voluntary nature of our staff, we are unable to enter into protracted correspondence.

We undertake to try to respond to your comments within two working months and, under the terms of our Quality Charter, we will publish performance indicators in our annual report.  To request a copy of this, please use this form.

If you have not received a response within eight weeks, please re-submit your request.  If, after a second request you have still not received the appropriate response, you may make a formal complaint to which we will respond within the following three months.
  If you are not satisfied with our response you may ask for your case to be referred to the LFI's Independent Ombudsman and can expect a response within the next 12 working weeks.  The decision of the LFI Independent Ombudsman is final.

Correspondence Address:

The Lancashire Film Institute
Preston Lancaster New Road

If you require a reply, please enclose a stamped addressed envelope and a cheque in the sum of £5 made payable to 'LFI (Garstang)' to cover our administration costs.

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